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Guillermina Morin Leocadio

Junior Kindergarten Teach..

I am thrilled to be working the children of ISTCI! This school year is going to be filled with fun, lots of learning and exciting adventures!

Thasya Smith

Senior Kindergarten Assis..

I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by children!

Florence Digollo

Grade 1 Assistant Teacher

I am passionate about providing children with the support they need to become responsible global citizens.

Ella Heino

Grade 2 Teaching Assistan..

This year I am delighted to be assisting in Grade 2, whilst also working towards my Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Northumbria University, UK, which I will complete in June.

Grace Abadiez-Migullas

Grade 4 Teacher Assistant..

Being here at the International School, it is my great pleasure to work with such talented and friendly teachers and staff. Sharing knowledge and good values with our young children gives me great fulfilment.

Janine Taylor

SEN Coordinator, Libraria..

I am excited to be enhancing my professional development in dyslexia, with specific focus on the best ways to teach children to read and write.

Laura Rennie

Music Teacher

Sauveur Monestine

Our Wonderful Caretaker

I have been part of the team for over 16 years. I enjoy helping and working with people, especially the children.