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Welcome to our Nursery School at International School

Nursery School

We are pleased to welcome you to our modern and friendly, purpose built Nursery School an exciting addition to our long-established Early Years Foundation Stage department.

We are providing busy working mums and dads with a friendly, caring and trustworthy environment for their children with a little something unique and special.

We are a family team of highly experienced practitioners with a passion for learning and developing the minds, skills and personalities of children.

We are more than just a day care service, we believe in providing a caring and educationally rich environment for those all-important early years of your child’s life.

The aim of the nursery school is to provide a safe, secure, stimulating environment, which embraces children. Our staff qualifications and experience means that we have a huge amount to offer the children in our care.


Registration Process

Nursery School at International School
Great facilities for your child’s development

Sign your child up for the sessions you want and need as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! For questions or further information please contact the Nursery School at International School at (649) 946-5523.
We would be delighted to schedule a tour of the school for you.
Please email:

Invest Time in a Child’s Mind – Development matters

The Nursery School at the International School provides high quality developmentally appropriate early childhood educational experiences for children 1 year (preferably walking) to 2 years and advocates for children, parents and families.

When you visit the Nursery School we hope you will see children and adults playing, exploring, singing and perhaps even dancing!  We hope you will see children and adults working on a project together, cuddled up with a book, and/or exploring our exciting sensory area.  These experiences provide the framework for learning in the early childhood years.

The Nursery School believes in play and relationship building based learning. Children in our group settings experience a lightly structured day that allows them to feel safe, and supported while exposing them to a wide variety of developmentally appropriate opportunities.  We invite you to walk in the door and join us on the wondrous journey of early childhood development.

The four guiding principles that shape our work with children are:

1. Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

2. Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

3. Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and/or carers.

4. Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision including children with special educational needs.

Our Community Newsletter

Welcome to ‘Invest Time in a Child’s Mind’, a free and informative and educational paper for parents and early years educators. We aim to provide research-driven, school success tips with easy reach of parents.

These publications include dates and times for our Workshop Series, and professional articles to help and support parents and early childhood educators on a variety of topics.

It is so important to work together and offer ourselves and our children opportunities that enhance our roles as parents and or educators. We care for our children and so “Together We Invest Our Time in Their Minds.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Opening Hours

Nursery School at International School
Sensory toys to stimulate

Our Nursery School is open from 8 am – 3 pm, Monday to Friday. We can be flexible with ‘drop off and pick up’ times (fees apply). This allows parents the flexibility of choosing the hours that their children attend, which in turns gives staff an excellent relationship with parents, as they have the freedom of taking a few minutes to discuss the child’s development and how they are getting on.

Mums and Tots Club (Postponed due to COVID-19)

Nursery Moms and Tots

Everyone is welcome to join us for a fun Mums and Tots Club every Tuesday from 3:15 - 4:15 pm at the Nursery School at the International School. Parents can enjoy a fun social catch up while the children explore the new surroundings.

This is a casual drop-in group and we always look forward to meeting new moms and tots. Come along for a play and chat!

Mums and Tots at Nursery School of International School

Enrolment Ages

Our Nursery School caters for children aged from 1 year (walking) and up. From 2 years their learning journey continues into the Preschool class, then Junior Kindergarten and then Senior Kindergarten.

Our curriculum has been designed to cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage in a creative, fun and engaging way, as well as providing a rich learning experience for the children in our care.

The Foundation Years are marked with a very special graduation ceremony to celebrate all their achievements.

Check out our Early Years Blogs


Nursery School at International School
Bespoke quiet room

We have listened to our community and created a child’s, and indeed a parent’s, dream-come-true.

We offer a clean, safe and purpose-built nursery facility with an incredible array of indoor activities and a fun, outdoor play area offering limitless opportunities for energetic play.

The Nursery School offers a range of resources for young children to enjoy, be sociable and engage in, such as:

  • Large open plan playroom
  • Air Conditioning throughout the facility
  • Reception area with individual storage
  • Sheltered porch area for buggy/stroller storage
  • A quiet time or sleepy room
  • Fully equipped bathroom facilities
  • Washing Machine and utility facilities
  • Multiple tables for art and sensory activities
  • Educational toys
  • Indoor soft play area
  • Shade covered outdoor play area
Nursery School at International School
Children love our soft play area

We understand the importance of sleep and napping routines so we have a sleepy room which will ensure your child has a cool, cosy & comfortable bed to snuggle up into until you’re able to collect them or they are ready to learn some more.

Our Philosophy


The International School’s goal is to educate, academically challenge and stimulate within a fun learning environment. We provide children with a happy and safe environment in which to build a love and learning and where every child is able to reach their full potential.

All facilities and play equipment have been designed and chosen in order to support and enable emotional, personal and social development – independence, sharing, turn-taking and self-confidence. See the Principal’s Message.

Our Nursery School Team

We are a family team of highly experienced practitioners with a passion for learning and developing the minds, skills and personalities of children. All our staff members have Paediatric First Aid Training.

Our team is geared to enable emotional, personal and social development. We will always strive to achieve a calm, happy and welcoming environment to aid your child in gaining all of the care and education that they need to prepare them for school.

Our routines will be planned and structured to ensure children take part in a variety of learning activities and experiences each day.

EYFS Journey

Intellectual Development
By allowing each child the time and environment to discover and develop at their own pace, we can a love of learning that will continue through life. We believe your child should have a stimulating and challenging environment in our nursery school. We will have a wide variety of daily activities, including art, music, building projects, books, dance, outdoor exploration, puzzles, imaginative play and much more.

Social Development
For most children, the first sustained group of out-of-family experience begins with the nursery school. We will help bridge this gap with a nurturing and happy environment. These new experiences will help them to shape an awareness of themselves and each person’s special individuality.

Emotional Development
One of the most important functions performed at our nursery school is to help children find acceptable and fulfilling ways to express feelings, whether it be through song, words or actions.  They will help your child build on their independence, sharing, turn-taking and self-confidence.

Physical Development
Our outdoor area will provide a stimulating place to explore and have fun. Our range of educational toys work those all essential fine motor skills, whilst the soft play area allows the children to work on their balance and coordination.

Tracking the Growth and Development

Nursery School at International School
Taking registrations, contact us for a tour.

We understand that whilst you are at work and your child is having great fun with us, you will naturally be curious and interested in what they do throughout their day.

We have a detailed progress checking system to celebrate your child’s achievements as they happen and keep you informed as your child marks their milestones.

We make use of an early years screener tool, ‘Tapestry', which is used for all of our children in EYFS. This allows us to highlight and track all of our children’s development against the expected milestones for their age. This will be undertaken early on in your child’s time with us, no matter how young they are. It is crucial to us that we are vigilant in tracking and supporting your child’s development at all stages throughout their education.

Fancy receiving a photo on your phone/computer so you can see how much your child is enjoying themselves? Our online, modern and interactive, ‘Tapestry’, service gives you the ability to ‘log in’ on-line to see what your child has been enjoying and learning during the day.

Using your unique, secure ID & log-in you can access your child’s daily diary and read about their progress and even view some of the work they have created and photos of the fun they have had. Not only does this keep you engaged in your child’s development but it also ensures it isn’t just your child who enjoys their time at our nursery.

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Well-being, Happiness, Health and Safety

Nursery School at International School

The comfort, happiness and safety of your child are the most important things to us and therefore we do everything we can to make sure that not only the children in our setting but the parents also have as smooth a transition as possible. As such, we look after your child as if they are our own.

As your child will spend time outside every day exploring and learning, we ask that your child has suitable outdoor accessories such as sun cream and hats. Also, healthy eating is important to us, so we educate our children on sensible and nutritious choices to contribute towards an active and healthy lifestyle.

Cleaning procedures:

  • All toilets, changing mats and sinks are to be cleaned and disinfected every day
  • Floors, tables and equipment, where necessary, are to be cleaned and disinfected at least daily
  • All leftover food is disposed of
  • Staff wash their hands using anti-bacterial

Contact us

Please come down and take a look for yourselves. We hope that our academic and social strengths will truly inspire you to contact the International School and take a tour of the facilities of our wonderful primary school.

Register your interest, reserve you child’s place:

For questions or further information about the Nursery School at International School, please contact the International School at (649) 946-5523. We would be delighted to schedule a tour of the school for you.

Please email: principal@internationalschooltci.com

Go to our Contact us page – Keep updated on progress by joining us on Facebook, or by giving us your email address (we won’t pass this on to anyone else).