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School Fees

Academic School Fees

School fees are invoiced no later than the first day of each new term and the first day of subsequent months, for those families requesting agreement to pay fees monthly. All fees are due no later than 1 (one) full week following invoicing, in accordance with our published deadline dates for each school year. Fees not received by the deadline date specified will be subject to a late payment charge of $50.

Returned cheques are subject to a $50 additional administration charge.

The International School of the Turks and Caicos Islands regrets that we are unable to continue educating students whose fees remain unpaid.

Parents wishing to pay one (1) annual payment in advance will receive a 5% incentive discount.

Monthly payments are possible by prior arrangement and subject to an additional 5% charge. If you wish to pay monthly, or have any concerns regarding payment, please contact the school office. All discussions are treated confidentially.

Scholarships are awarded at the school’s discretion for Turks and Caicos Islands Nationals (Belongers), subject to availability. An application package is available for our scholarship programme.

Administration/ Registration Fee: $375

This is a non-refundable, once-only payment for new pupils, payable upon registration to secure your child a place in his/her class.

Book and Technology Fee $300 (Grades 1-6):

This is a non-refundable, annual payment for children entering Grades 1 - 6.
This includes workbooks and school supplies that are used throughout the year.
Once children enter Grade 7, there is an annual book and Technology fee of $350. This is also a non-refundable payment.

Pool Fee $75.00/term

This is a non-refundable termly payment for students SK – Grade 9 to cover the cost of pool maintenance.

Library Fee $50.00

Tuition Fees

Discounts: A 20% discount is offered on school fees for the 3rd child of any family.

Discounts are not available for families taking extended vacation periods after the start of any given school year or for those who request to leave early at the end of a given term. In the event of school closure because of Hurricane Season, there will be no make-up days allocated and no refund of fees.

Please feel free to download our School Fees Schedule here.