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House Teams


International School House Teams

The International School of the Turks and Caicos Islands is proud of its long standing strength with and commitment to its House Team System. Caribs (Red), Arawaks (Yellow) and Taino (Blue) are the three International School House Teams, representing the indigenous tribes of the Caribbean region.
International School Teams - Caribs International School Team ‘Caribs’
International School Teams - Arawaks International School Team ‘Arawaks’
International School Teams - Taino International School Team ‘Tainos’
Our House Team System celebrates success in the academic, social and sporting programmes throughout each school day. Children are rewarded for success individually and together the children contribute to the success of the entire team. Wishing the International School House Teams good luck in their next endeavours! See the teams in action in our blogs: Swim GalaBrainiacs and Photos Galleries.

International School House Captains

The Role of the Head Girl or Boy

A Head Boy or Girl is required to be a role model for her peers and younger students, and should show punctuality, politeness, regular attendance to class and school activities, and of course a positive attitude. Our Head Boy or Girl is chosen each year from our Grade 6 class. They are chosen to represent their class and school and should be responsible and capable of making excellent choices, whether in class, at school functions or during their everyday lives.

The Role of House Captains

The House Captains represent the Caribs, Arawaks  and Tainos House Teams. The House Captains are chosen from Grade 6 and are required to represent the school at activities such as sports activities, academic functions, fundraising activities, charity events and social events.