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Extra Curricular Activities (Clubs)

International School Clubs – What do we offer?

Our Extra-Curricular Activity Programme (clubs) offers a wide variety of activity for all children from SK – Grade 6. Each term sees a refreshing variety of clubs, usually lasting for a period of about 6-8 weeks.

Some popular clubs, like swimming lessons, cooking, football and painting last all year. Our team goal for this programme is to provide activity that will offer interest, stimulation and fun for all children. As your children learn new skills outside the classroom, they will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing a group ‘product’ during the activity programme.

Swimming Lessons

We strongly encourage all children to participate in our programme to enhance the full school experience. Children are also encouraged to participate in more than one activity during the week, should they choose to do so. Each club has a charge of $8 per club / per session so that the costs of ingredients are covered.

Please refer to our ‘news’ section of the website and take time to read through our selection of activities offered for each term and complete the consent form, attached. Completed returns must be made no later than the start of the club week, so please do act quickly!

Take a look at all our Extra-Curricular Activities for this term