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Academic Calendar

International School Academic Calendar

Please follow this link for the latest academic calendar:

This calendar has been created with the dates which we have received from the TCI government and will be reviewed with other Independent Schools within the country.

In this calendar we retain the same number of teaching days as last year: 161.5.  Of the 7 hours children spend in school each day, 5.5 hours of these are direct teaching time, with a 30-minute snack/break and 45 minutes for lunch.

This provides the same 924 hours of direct teaching time (166.5 x 5) as in the 2020-2021 Academic year.   This is above average when compared with many other countries in the world.  Canada averages 799 hours, the USA 950, UK is 635, Japan is 868, Korea 867 and Finland 777.  The global average for Primary School children is 799 hours per year.