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Lorraine Mackenzie

Grade 6 Teacher, Literacy..

I look forward to working with the older children and supporting them to excel in their learning journey – making as much progress as they can.

Laura Adzich

Grade 7, Middle School Co..

I am embracing a new direction in my career and relish the opportunity to take on responsibility for the development of Grade 7 onwards at the International School.

Keira Prew

Grade 5 Teacher

I take special interest in teaching English and EAL. I thrive on building a creative, exciting and challenging environment in which I can challenge each child to achieve their very best.

Josiane Rateau

French Teacher

I was born and raised in France. Studied office management in college and applied foreign languages at the University of Nice (English and Spanish…

Benneth Williams

PE, KS2 Art Teacher, Grad..

I am the PE teacher and the Art and Design specialist. I have been teaching since I was twenty five years old. I was educated in Jamaica and in the USA.

Daisy Maye Galvez

Spanish Language Teacher

¡Hola! I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Bilingual Education and have been teaching abroad for the past five years. I love working and learning alongside students, helping them to reach their own individual potential!

Barbara Francis

Nursery Teacher Assistant

I joined the International School in 1987! I have over fourteen years experience as a Pre School Assistant and enjoy everyday with the children.

Jennifer Solon

Nursery Assistant Teacher

I am very happy to working in the Nursery with the wonderful team here at the International School.

Wisfnie Toussaint

Nursery Assistant Teacher

When it comes to working with children, I believe that respectful, caring and trusting relationships promote growth.

Lachele Fernandes

Preschool Assistant Teach..

I have a passion for teaching and the growth and development of the precious minds we are all entrusted with.

Rejeanne Tercius

Preschool Assistant Teach..

I enjoy facilitating play and education and seeing the children happy, loved and cared for in Preschool.

Judith Modest

Junior Kindergarten Class..

I am the Junior Kindergarten Classroom Assistant. I thoroughly enjoy my time with the children and provide a caring environment for them.