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Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7 at the International School 

September 2017 saw the grand opening of a Grade 7 at the International School. We hope to create something really unique and special, right here on our already fantastically resourced campus.

The Grade 7 at the International School provides an alternative option for children reaching the end of their primary school years.  This is a much needed alternative option, to serve our children and our community.

Grade 7

A new Middle School in TCI

We are very excited to present this next stage in learning and growth at the International School of the TCI. In April 2018 we broke ground on our BRAND NEW, PURPOSE BUILT facility which will house our Middle School for Grade 7, 8 and 9 children.

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We are focused on four main areas: core curriculum, 21st Century skills, developing the whole individual and using our extensive school facilities to achieve excellence in academics.

We have outstanding teachers who are high school and middle school trained and the building will be purpose built to facilitate the learning of our students and set up with the application of technology in mind.

While we will continue to use the British National Curriculum as a basis for study we will adapt it to our needs and we will incorporate elements from other educational systems to ensure that children are able to transition to the Grade 10 in the school system, in the country of their choice.

We are excited about what we can offer here: a truly international education for our students, which will set them up for the future which they are destined for.


Grade 7 at International School

We are accepting applications of admission, please Email the school for more information about Grade 7 at the International School or call (649) 946 5523.

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Grade 7 at International School


An Integrated Curriculum

As educators, we are constantly searching for new ways to help students make sense of the multitude of life’s experiences and the bits and pieces of knowledge they gain from a traditionally departmentalized curriculum.

Students today continue to move from one discipline to the next forcing the information to be disconnected to anything that resembles real life situations. To lighten some of the fragmentation our youth experience, a more integrated curriculum is our goal.

When themes, subjects, or projects are combined, students begin to see meaningful connections between the subject matter. Material then serves as a vehicle for learning rather than simply pieces of information. In addition to this, repetition of material from one subject to the next is essentially eliminated.

Grade 7 at International School


Advantages of our Grade 7 curriculum:

  • Focuses on basic skills, content and higher level thinking
  • Encourages lifelong learning
  • Structures learning around themes, big ideas and meaningful concepts
  • Provides connections among various curricular disciplines
  • Encourages active participation in relevant real-life experiences
  • Captivates, motivates, and challenges learners
  • Provides a deeper understanding of content
  • Offers opportunities for more small group and industrialized instruction
  • Accommodates a variety of learning styles/theories

The future of all students enrolled will be taken into account. We will strive to work towards a smooth transition into their system of choice.

The British National Curriculum will be the base for all instruction.


An Intimate Community

Monthly integrated field trips help make learning fun and meaningful.

Our Grade 7 community offers countless learning scenarios to take place outside of the classroom, right in our own backyard. Supplementing reading materials with the “up-close-and-personal” allows students to have a greater understanding of the concepts covered.


The Grade 7 Team

Introducing our highly qualified staff:

Laura Brander –  Core Subjects, takes responsibility for the development of this new phase in our school and the majority of the teaching for the Grade 7 class, including Mathematics and English.

Mary Jimenez – Science Specialist, maintains responsibility for Science teaching, which will be taught as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Sarah Amachee – ICT Specialist

Josiane Rateau – Second Language Instruction

Benneth Williams – PE and Art & Design, specialist teacher for Topic work, Physical Education, Swimming etc.

Meet all the International School Staff Team