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Keira Prew

Grade 5 Teacher

I take special interest in teaching English and EAL. I thrive on building a creative, exciting and challenging environment in which I can challenge each child to achieve their very best.

Josiane Rateau

French Teacher

I was born and raised in France. Studied office management in college and applied foreign languages at the University of Nice (English and Spanish…

Anna Walker

Nursery School Manager

I am extremely excited to be the Nursery School Manager and look forward to creating a nurturing and fun-loving environment for young children to learn and grow.

Barbara Francis

Nursery Teacher Assistant

I joined the International School in 1987! I have over fourteen years experience as a Pre School Assistant and enjoy everyday with the children.

Madison Whitaker

Senior Kindergarten Assis..

I am thrilled to be able to teach the children in Nursery. I love to see the children develop their characters and help them learn new things.

Judith Modest

Junior Kindergarten Class..

I am the Junior Kindergarten Classroom Assistant. I thoroughly enjoy my time with the children and provide a caring environment for them. 

Laura Shaw

Preschool Teacher Assista..

I am thrilled to be working the children of ISTCI! This school year is going to be filled with fun, lots of learning and exciting adventures!

Ella Heino

Grade 1 Teaching Assistan..

Hello! I have been assistant in the Nursery for the past year, which was so much fun, and am looking forward to joining Mr Bell in the Grade 1 class this year.

Wisfnie Toussaint

Nursery Assistant

I am absolutely thrilled to be teaching Nursery school children at the International School of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Grace Abadiez-Migullas

Grade 2 Teacher Assistant..

Being here at the International School, it is my great pleasure to work with such talented and friendly teachers and staff. Sharing knowledge and good values with our young children gives me great fulfilment.

Benneth Williams

PE, KS2 Art Teacher, Grad..

I am the PE teacher and the Art and Design specialist. I have been teaching since I was twenty five years old. I was educated in Jamaica and in the USA.

Janine Taylor


Some of the most challenging and yet rewarding roles have been working with children with Special Needs. I truly enjoy working with the Early years, that is where all learning begins, and it is so fun to watch the children grown and learn.